Me Meant To

Based on the film Memento (Christopher Nolan, 2000)

The alarm clock went off…

He opened his eyes with a start, quickly got up and looked around dazed.

Where am i? OK what was the last thing i remember?

The man tried with all his will power to remember but he could not, he looked down at the alarm clock which was situated on the bedside table. As he looked down, he saw in a curious way that there was a picture just sitting there. He picked it up and stared at it. It was a picture of him and a mysterious girl who was blowing out birthday candles.

I don’t know who this is?

He turned the picture over and it read. It is her birthday, turn on your computer.

He was confused. He didn’t know who this person was but yet he was in the picture. He got out of bed and made his way to the computer. As he made his way through the labyrinth of mess he took note of a needle and ink just sitting on the desk.

What the hell is that?

He pushed it from his mind. He came to the computer and moved the mouse. As the computer came to life, it revealed a complex array of folders across the screen. The folders all had names and seem to identify a pattern of organisation. He clicked on a folder called her as he looked to click something caught his eye on his arm, it seem to be black numbers tattooed across his arm, it read 13-4-1990.

What is this date? Does it mean anything?

As he looked back up to the screen many more folders appeared and they all had dates, they dated from years starting from 1991. As he scanned through them one folder caught his eye. It said, READ ME

He opened that folder and a message came up. He read it and realised who the women was.

She is my wife! This is a documentation of my whole life from the moment I was born. It is an archive of photos and digital conversions that help me remember my life. The tattoo, its the birthday of my beautiful wife, that’s why i tattooed these numbers because they are the most important numbers that i needed to archive! That explains the needle and ink!

As everything began to flood back into his mind from this published material he suddenly realised. He made a wrong intepretation about the date upon his arm. The assemblage that he personally created did not tell him of all the details, he did not need to archive this important information, he would always somehow remember it. The date was her…

His mind went blank.


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