The End of an Era!!

28th March 2011

Dear Karl

I am writing this to you to inform you of my destiny. I am forever leaving this world against my will. I am sitting here and I can hear the bombing coming closer and closer with each explosion. I need to lay down my legacy. These are my thoughts and feelings that i want to save, that i want you to keep. Take all my photos, my blogs, my status’ and do not let anyone destroy them. I must live on for centuries I must have everyone know what my views are. Take the published material i have, the manifesto that i kept from the the 1800’s. What ever archive material I have make sure you pass it onto my predecessor. This material is what changes society, molds it into what is accepted and not accepted. Laws are created from published documentation. People live, fight and die for what they believe in, they believe in some form of published material. The bible has formed religion, The Communist Manifesto formed a new political movement, brought down the Royal family in Russia in 1917. The Media. The material that they print in newspapers, show on TV and broadcast on radio all persuade the masses into what to believe.

So this is my theory, you need to understand what my views are through all my archives and i entrust you to put this into practice through a workable model. You must destroy old content that contradicts my views and put in place the teachings and my opinions from my facebook status’, my stories, and blogs that i have saved! It is time to end this era.

My time is up, they come for me. I hope that one day my last dying wish will come true. Be strong and allow the fever to take hold of you like it has for me.

Sincerely Yours

Vladimir Lenin III


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