ARTS9020 – People, Attention & Commons

Welcome everyone to the subject Arts9020. Yes you probably haven’t heard of this subject or seen it in your subject list but this is a very special subject that is needed to have a more comprehensive understanding of people, attention and the commons within the media world.

Beginning of the first and only week of this course haha! We shall look at people as a whole and how new technologies has created a whole new way for them to publish a mass amount of media around the world. The main technology we are talking about here is the Internet. Because the Internet is largely accessible to many people around the world, a lot of information is published. Anyone or anything can put something up on the internet. The only way to become successful on the Internet is to have attention. If your site has a lot of people clicking onto it, reading it and viewing it then your published material is the most worthy. Attention becomes capital gain. Yes ATTENTION BECOMES CAPITAL GAIN! It’s not physical money or any sort of publishing company, it is the attention that you receive from the people that makes your publishing a success

To understand this more please look at the required readings – see how this graph shows the success of facebook because of the number of minutes spend on it

The second half of this course looks at the idea of commons.

What is this commons you ask? basically it is many differing cultures, ideologies and religions coming together to form one common direction for modern society. For a modern example we can look at Facebook. Look at the millions of people who use it. People from all sorts of cultures are unified under one social network site. Everyone uses it in the same way to interact with each other. It is a common design throughout the world.

Now read the required reading for this section

Thank you all for taking this course and i hope you have a better understanding of people, attention and commons


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