As the world is becoming more immersed with the internet and the issue of privacy there have been an increase in websites exploiting this privacy issue. People who can publish on the net have taken the responsibility of publishing certain documentations and letters that the government is hiding. Wikileaks has done this, and also a another website called Unileaks has taken on this same trend by revealing letters from World universities that have done wrong.

Well now I would like to present to you blogleaks. This posting has nothing to do with privacy issues as all the material I put on this site is published already. However, i am taking this trend of leaks and turning it into something that showcases not private documentation but published documentation. I will put up blogs that are wrong, that are un-factual and the grammar is poor. As there are alot of blogs out there now, and anyone can post information it can be a crime against properly published material. It could be an insult to the publishing companies who strive to make written material perfect. It is time to show the public all the bad blogs out there.


Now this blog, has no relevant information. It is a waste of publishing space. The grammar and language is of low quality and is colloquial, ask yourself what do you gain from reading this blog?


This blog is trying to bad mouth other blogs, but the grammar here is one of the worst I have seen. He points out the wrong doings of other people’s blogs but does not see his own mistakes.

Thank you for reading my blogleaks. This trend is becoming more and more popular. A lot of average people can publish material and this is the way of the future. Do we really need publishing agency anymore? The Internet is an open ended tool that allows these so called ‘leak’ sites to be able to publish such things. What can the world do about it?


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