National Visual News with DeJesus 7

Good Evening I’m DeJesus 7 bringing you all the visual news that is happening around the world.

Today there is some breaking news on the amount of students within Universities who are not attending subject lectures. Yes! they do not go to the lectures. This severely distorts the students learning and can cause them to fail the classes. It’s become an epidemic! We will cross live to our correspondent shortly. But Firstly

Is Global Warming a myth??

Some people say it is some people say its not. But do us average people care or even see the effects of global warming? Well my thoughts are no! I believe that more people become alerted to problems or statistics when they see it visual. As in the required readings the visual presentation in  ‘climate change deniers vs the consensus’ link is great in portraying the information. Did i read all the text around the graphs…no! however i was more engaged with the visualisation of the information and i understood the message. This is the way of publishing. It needs to be exciting, it needs to be visual, this is what grabs people’s attention, and attention is what is needed.

Now we have just got word from a source asking the question

Is science boring???

Yes it certainly can be boring with pages upon pages of written experimentation and results but can it be done in a way that excites people. Yes!! through visualisation. Look at this website and see the graphs that help explain the results

See general public was that easier to understand. Of course it was.

Now we have brought you the main top visual stories. Now I would like to cross to our correspondant Jimmy who is live from his bedroom.

Hello Jimmy thanks for joining us

Thanks you Jimmy for that breaking news.

Well that is all for today that’s the way the cookie crumbles, I am DeJesus7…Goodnight


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