The Final Chapter: New Medium

The light is fading fast away from the time I have left. In a matter of what may be seconds, minutes, hours or even days I will be whisked away from this ever important blog posting.

The end is nigh but I am determined to add one final chapter to the ever increasing amount of published material. What will happen? I am not sure. Will i continue on using this? My mind does not know, fate has it’s firm grip upon me.

The Internet was a fast growing technology that infested the common household worldwide in a matter of years. At this point many ways of publishing became infinite. Authority and censorship broke down as many common people had access to a mass amount of information at the click of a button. Nothing the great powers of the world could do about it, just like the website wikileaks. It is now time to take it to the next level, the actually feeling and the experience is being used this time, making the whole experience seem so real. Can we uncover things with our own eyes? Can we smell a rat with our own nose? what can we feel? is time.

I walk into the big dome and close the hatch behind me. The ‘aesthesia’ as the fibreculture journal like to call it, is the new sociological experience that puts you inside the Internet. It is now our selves interacting with the infinite amount of information and experiences out there instead of our computer screens. I close my eyes and there is a sudden jerk as my whole body is lifted into an abyss that is weightless. I slowly open my eyes and there it is. The beauty, the horror, the happiness. All the emotional feelings surge through me as the new medium form heightens the experience of publishing tenfold.

I drift for what seems like seconds but in a matter of fact its been years. I will never return from this cyber world. The art of publishing is now my living spirit.


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