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Visualisation Project – Teen Pregnancy Rates

In Week 10, Three other class members and I came together to create visualisation. In essence making something invisible visible to the public. We took the data and manipulated it into diagrams and graphs to show visually the patterns, trends and results.

Our data was the number of teenagers falling pregnant all over the world and in Australia and this is what our group came up with

Click here to view our project


The Final Chapter: New Medium

The light is fading fast away from the time I have left. In a matter of what may be seconds, minutes, hours or even days I will be whisked away from this ever important blog posting.

The end is nigh but I am determined to add one final chapter to the ever increasing amount of published material. What will happen? I am not sure. Will i continue on using this? My mind does not know, fate has it’s firm grip upon me.

The Internet was a fast growing technology that infested the common household worldwide in a matter of years. At this point many ways of publishing became infinite. Authority and censorship broke down as many common people had access to a mass amount of information at the click of a button. Nothing the great powers of the world could do about it, just like the website wikileaks. It is now time to take it to the next level, the actually feeling and the experience is being used this time, making the whole experience seem so real. Can we uncover things with our own eyes? Can we smell a rat with our own nose? what can we feel? is time.

I walk into the big dome and close the hatch behind me. The ‘aesthesia’ as the fibreculture journal like to call it, is the new sociological experience that puts you inside the Internet. It is now our selves interacting with the infinite amount of information and experiences out there instead of our computer screens. I close my eyes and there is a sudden jerk as my whole body is lifted into an abyss that is weightless. I slowly open my eyes and there it is. The beauty, the horror, the happiness. All the emotional feelings surge through me as the new medium form heightens the experience of publishing tenfold.

I drift for what seems like seconds but in a matter of fact its been years. I will never return from this cyber world. The art of publishing is now my living spirit.

National Visual News with DeJesus 7

Good Evening I’m DeJesus 7 bringing you all the visual news that is happening around the world.

Today there is some breaking news on the amount of students within Universities who are not attending subject lectures. Yes! they do not go to the lectures. This severely distorts the students learning and can cause them to fail the classes. It’s become an epidemic! We will cross live to our correspondent shortly. But Firstly

Is Global Warming a myth??

Some people say it is some people say its not. But do us average people care or even see the effects of global warming? Well my thoughts are no! I believe that more people become alerted to problems or statistics when they see it visual. As in the required readings the visual presentation in  ‘climate change deniers vs the consensus’ link is great in portraying the information. Did i read all the text around the graphs…no! however i was more engaged with the visualisation of the information and i understood the message. This is the way of publishing. It needs to be exciting, it needs to be visual, this is what grabs people’s attention, and attention is what is needed.

Now we have just got word from a source asking the question

Is science boring???

Yes it certainly can be boring with pages upon pages of written experimentation and results but can it be done in a way that excites people. Yes!! through visualisation. Look at this website and see the graphs that help explain the results

See general public was that easier to understand. Of course it was.

Now we have brought you the main top visual stories. Now I would like to cross to our correspondant Jimmy who is live from his bedroom.

Hello Jimmy thanks for joining us

Thanks you Jimmy for that breaking news.

Well that is all for today that’s the way the cookie crumbles, I am DeJesus7…Goodnight


As the world is becoming more immersed with the internet and the issue of privacy there have been an increase in websites exploiting this privacy issue. People who can publish on the net have taken the responsibility of publishing certain documentations and letters that the government is hiding. Wikileaks has done this, and also a another website called Unileaks has taken on this same trend by revealing letters from World universities that have done wrong.

Well now I would like to present to you blogleaks. This posting has nothing to do with privacy issues as all the material I put on this site is published already. However, i am taking this trend of leaks and turning it into something that showcases not private documentation but published documentation. I will put up blogs that are wrong, that are un-factual and the grammar is poor. As there are alot of blogs out there now, and anyone can post information it can be a crime against properly published material. It could be an insult to the publishing companies who strive to make written material perfect. It is time to show the public all the bad blogs out there.


Now this blog, has no relevant information. It is a waste of publishing space. The grammar and language is of low quality and is colloquial, ask yourself what do you gain from reading this blog?


This blog is trying to bad mouth other blogs, but the grammar here is one of the worst I have seen. He points out the wrong doings of other people’s blogs but does not see his own mistakes.

Thank you for reading my blogleaks. This trend is becoming more and more popular. A lot of average people can publish material and this is the way of the future. Do we really need publishing agency anymore? The Internet is an open ended tool that allows these so called ‘leak’ sites to be able to publish such things. What can the world do about it?

ARTS9020 – People, Attention & Commons

Welcome everyone to the subject Arts9020. Yes you probably haven’t heard of this subject or seen it in your subject list but this is a very special subject that is needed to have a more comprehensive understanding of people, attention and the commons within the media world.

Beginning of the first and only week of this course haha! We shall look at people as a whole and how new technologies has created a whole new way for them to publish a mass amount of media around the world. The main technology we are talking about here is the Internet. Because the Internet is largely accessible to many people around the world, a lot of information is published. Anyone or anything can put something up on the internet. The only way to become successful on the Internet is to have attention. If your site has a lot of people clicking onto it, reading it and viewing it then your published material is the most worthy. Attention becomes capital gain. Yes ATTENTION BECOMES CAPITAL GAIN! It’s not physical money or any sort of publishing company, it is the attention that you receive from the people that makes your publishing a success

To understand this more please look at the required readings – see how this graph shows the success of facebook because of the number of minutes spend on it

The second half of this course looks at the idea of commons.

What is this commons you ask? basically it is many differing cultures, ideologies and religions coming together to form one common direction for modern society. For a modern example we can look at Facebook. Look at the millions of people who use it. People from all sorts of cultures are unified under one social network site. Everyone uses it in the same way to interact with each other. It is a common design throughout the world.

Now read the required reading for this section

Thank you all for taking this course and i hope you have a better understanding of people, attention and commons

The End of an Era!!

28th March 2011

Dear Karl

I am writing this to you to inform you of my destiny. I am forever leaving this world against my will. I am sitting here and I can hear the bombing coming closer and closer with each explosion. I need to lay down my legacy. These are my thoughts and feelings that i want to save, that i want you to keep. Take all my photos, my blogs, my status’ and do not let anyone destroy them. I must live on for centuries I must have everyone know what my views are. Take the published material i have, the manifesto that i kept from the the 1800’s. What ever archive material I have make sure you pass it onto my predecessor. This material is what changes society, molds it into what is accepted and not accepted. Laws are created from published documentation. People live, fight and die for what they believe in, they believe in some form of published material. The bible has formed religion, The Communist Manifesto formed a new political movement, brought down the Royal family in Russia in 1917. The Media. The material that they print in newspapers, show on TV and broadcast on radio all persuade the masses into what to believe.

So this is my theory, you need to understand what my views are through all my archives and i entrust you to put this into practice through a workable model. You must destroy old content that contradicts my views and put in place the teachings and my opinions from my facebook status’, my stories, and blogs that i have saved! It is time to end this era.

My time is up, they come for me. I hope that one day my last dying wish will come true. Be strong and allow the fever to take hold of you like it has for me.

Sincerely Yours

Vladimir Lenin III

Me Meant To

Based on the film Memento (Christopher Nolan, 2000)

The alarm clock went off…

He opened his eyes with a start, quickly got up and looked around dazed.

Where am i? OK what was the last thing i remember?

The man tried with all his will power to remember but he could not, he looked down at the alarm clock which was situated on the bedside table. As he looked down, he saw in a curious way that there was a picture just sitting there. He picked it up and stared at it. It was a picture of him and a mysterious girl who was blowing out birthday candles.

I don’t know who this is?

He turned the picture over and it read. It is her birthday, turn on your computer.

He was confused. He didn’t know who this person was but yet he was in the picture. He got out of bed and made his way to the computer. As he made his way through the labyrinth of mess he took note of a needle and ink just sitting on the desk.

What the hell is that?

He pushed it from his mind. He came to the computer and moved the mouse. As the computer came to life, it revealed a complex array of folders across the screen. The folders all had names and seem to identify a pattern of organisation. He clicked on a folder called her as he looked to click something caught his eye on his arm, it seem to be black numbers tattooed across his arm, it read 13-4-1990.

What is this date? Does it mean anything?

As he looked back up to the screen many more folders appeared and they all had dates, they dated from years starting from 1991. As he scanned through them one folder caught his eye. It said, READ ME

He opened that folder and a message came up. He read it and realised who the women was.

She is my wife! This is a documentation of my whole life from the moment I was born. It is an archive of photos and digital conversions that help me remember my life. The tattoo, its the birthday of my beautiful wife, that’s why i tattooed these numbers because they are the most important numbers that i needed to archive! That explains the needle and ink!

As everything began to flood back into his mind from this published material he suddenly realised. He made a wrong intepretation about the date upon his arm. The assemblage that he personally created did not tell him of all the details, he did not need to archive this important information, he would always somehow remember it. The date was her…

His mind went blank.