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The Lord of the Prints: The Fellowship of the Prints

The assembly was formed.

Many bodies from differing nationalities and from differing cultures came together to decide on the future of this horrific book. A book that had the power to rise up against civilisation and the power to enslave the world. The chatter was loud as they laid eyes upon the object. They were scared and no one knew what to do.

‘Silance!’ shouted the elder member as he raised his hands to stop the chatter.

‘As you all know we are here today to discuss how to rid the world of this codex. A codex that signals the beginning of all evil!’

The people whispered and turned to each other but no one spoke up. He continued.

‘This old book as it was once called needs to be destroyed and no other publishable version of this can ever again be seen! look at the evil it possess!’ Everyone looked at the book.

One of the visitors began to speak ‘It is so dark, and has anyone read it’s contents? It tells a story of one ring to rule them all! What propaganda is that? This can not continue to circulate through the world!’

Another person from another country started to speak ‘But it is hard to stop the publishing. The internet is open to the public, to the ignorant. They could make it public on Facebook, through blogs! What happens if someone takes a photo and uploads it to a website?!’

Everyone gasped at this. The endless amount of tools and techniques could see this be published worldwide and they would not have any control on it. This was the last printed version.

A little man stood up and held up his hands. He went by the name Brodo Faggins, he began to speak ‘Listen! This so called book can be printed again, someone may use the ancient printing press. Someone can stand up and shout out about this ring in a public place. If this leaks out to the internet it could be captured by Amazon and made available as an ebook. If the words of this evil turn into electricy then many people can copy and paste it onto their own hardrives, change the wording to suit their idea of the perfect word. What about brain scans? they could see the activities of our brains which suggests a ring to rule them all! Nations could spread it through society by publishing it on pamphlets!’

Horror swept through the area as Brodo spoke of the endless possibilities of what could happen.

He continued ‘I will take it, and trek across this world to throw the book into the fires of Mt. Publish where the book will be destroyed once and for all’

At this moment Brodo Faggins walked over and picked up the book and began his journey to the darkest depths of the world.


George Orwell’s ‘Two-thousand and Eighty-four’

“Two Hundred”

“Three Hundred”

“Four Hundred”… The counting began.

The daily routine of the advertising boards always began like this every single morning. At 14am it was the same. We had to see it. We needed to read it, watch it and enjoy it. That was the rules, no one could do anything differently. It lasted for about 3 minutes, the whole of society was in a state of hypnotism. Then it was finished and as a whole every single person except for children under the age of 15 needed to report back to the Apple iPad.

This is how it was in the year 2084, the government Apple were in charge. The government was a dictatorship and did not give us the choice of what to watch, what to publish or what to do. It was an Utopian society where everything was run by Apple. Religion became obsolete as the Internet was worshiped and became God. Books and printing material became instinct 30 years ago and replaced by our security the Apple iPad. Connectivity and mobility were looked after by the Apple iPhone. There was no way out.

It was time to input our daily thoughts into the Apple iPad. Each individual would pick up their personal iPad, input password and fingerprint and would begin to type out their personal thoughts of what we had seen. The material that we were forced to write was then submitted to the Prime Minister. The material that was written was then published on a ticker that was streamed around the world. It would be displayed on buildings, signs and apartments to show the positive thoughts of our fellow beings of the advertising from our all mighty government. This was to keep the positivity up throughout society, to shape the thinking of society into what Apple wanted it to be. It eliminated revolt, change and differing political ideas.

I am 94 years old. Coming to the end of my life. The socialĀ  change through publishing was so dramatic that we lost our individualism. The advancements in technology were so rapid that our society came to worship Apple. From the beginning of existence to the early 21st century we were able to publish what we wanted, we had something i vaguely remember as freedom of speech.

This is my entry for today Apple iPad. Hopefully one day someone will read this and begin to revolutionise the way we live today and destroy you and your fellow government body.

SIGN OUT…”click”

In the Beginning

It all begins with a single click, a single word, that creates publishing. Something that goes public, that can be seen by the world is basically publishing.

I am publishing now, out on the internet and i am testing my newly formed blog site for my University Course ARTS2090!

I hope over the course of the semester everyone will enjoy my blog site and find the reading entertaining and informative about the Publics and Publishing

Yours Sincerely

James De Jesus